BondTIQ is a revolutionary new operating system for bond data

Our browser based application improves the utility of TRACE data by focusing on three key areas:

  • Market Page
    Visualize Entire Bond Market
  • Sector Page
    Visualize Individual Sector
  • Heat Map
    Market, Sector, Issuer or Portfolio
    • Connector.

      Innovative data visualization functionality

      Identify market trends and patterns more easily

    • Connector.

      Intelligent presentation of key market information

      Reduce ‘noise’ and improve focus

    • Connector.

      New tools for examining large amounts of data

      Quickly and efficiently analyze market data

    Through our innovative interface, BondTIQ users can realize the full potential of real-time TRACE data

    In the click of a button:

    • Upload custom portfolios to view performance by date range, credit, maturity, issue and trade size on our Heat Map page
    • Our Markets Screen provides a comprehensive view of the entire market broken out by sector that shows volume and market performance by bond complex
    • Drill down by individual CUSIP to view trade size, T, G, I and Z spreads, as well as spread changes on day, week and month
    • Determine buy and sell trade flows by sector, ticker, maturity, credit, or trade size


    • For traders, quickly grasp areas of market activity to determine priority of order execution
    • For PM’s – analyze portfolios for liquidity metrics, market impact, and potential investment opportunities
    • For risk and back office looking to quantify portfolio weighting, market moves, liquidation costs, and execution quality.
    • Sell-side Debt syndicate desks to view secondary trading performance of recently issued deals
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